About Us

About Us

Welcome to Stotfold Taekwon-Do

Many people believe that you have to be young and fit to learn Taekwon-Do. This is not the case: Taekwon-Do is for anybody and everybody. It is with this principle in mind that we are dedicated to teaching the art of Taekwon-Do and take pride in having a family-friendly atmosphere in our classes with a philosophy of courtesy and cooperation.

Whilst Taekwon-Do is an exciting and interesting form of self-defence, it can also be a life-changing experience for many people. After 6-12 weeks of the beginner’s course, you will notice a change in not just your figure and shape, but also in your confidence and awareness of your surroundings. You will begin to understand that Taekwon-Do has so much to offer: both physically and mentally – not only developing the body but one’s character as well.

The Stotfold Taekwon-Do School was opened in October 2016 by BTC Registered Instructor  Mrs Kirsty Owen to provide dedicated age related classes from Little Dragons (4 years) up to 60+ years.

Mrs Owen started her Taekwon-Do training in September 2003 at the Letchworth Taekwon-Do club and has been training ever since. She started teaching in 2006 assisting at LBTKD before opening her own club, obtaining her 6th Degree Black Belt in September 2022. She has attended many seminars and International Instructors courses hosted by Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa 9th Degree (Taekwon-Do Founders son) to enable her to teach the true techniques without distortion.

Mrs Owen is a qualified International Instructor, International Umpire and Grading Examiner and the Secretary of the UTA (Unified Taekwon-Do Association).

Stotfold Taekwon-Do is a member of the UTA and also UK ITF, which is the international national organisation (INO) for ITF Taekwon-Do in the UK. The UK ITF is recognised as a full member of the British Taekwon-Do Council, which is in turn recognised by the sports council.

Mrs Owen takes pride in keeping up with her own training under her Instructor Master Owen 7th Degree and his Instructor Master Horan 8th Degree, so is confident in teaching the art of Taekwon-Do.

So, whether you are fit, unfit, young, or older you too can learn this exciting form of self-defence.  It is much more than self-defence, it can be life-changing for some people, just as it was for Mrs Owen. If you choose to join the club then you will get 100% commitment from all of us at Stotfold Taekwon-Do, with friendly Instructors who are just as passionate and take pride in their teaching and will go the extra mile to ensure your training is an enjoyable experience.

All of our registered Instructors have had an enhanced DBS check and are registered with the British Taekwon-Do Council which is recognised by the Sports Council. They have attended an Instructor course and had a practical assessment before being certified, please check out the BTC safeguarding policy.