Little Dragons 4-8yrs

Little Dragons 4-8yrs

This fun-filled introduction to Taekwon-Do lays a solid foundation, improves fitness levels and social skills while building character for children aged between 4 and 8 years old.

The Little Dragons programme teaches children to be good citizens and prepares them for life, or at least school.

Little Dragons Program

We provide lessons in safety and offer life skills, as well as physical martial arts skills. These skills help the students become well rounded by promoting the child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

We approach the physical portion of this class as a Martial Arts focused physical education class. The life skills portion of the class focuses on developing mental, social, and emotional skills. All skills and promotions are based on participation and course completion. Our primary objective is to get the students involved, giving 100% effort, having fun and playing.

The focus of the Little Dragon class is to develop fundamental basics. Therefore, we teach very few of the martial arts skills that you will see in older children’s programmes.  Instead, we focus on the skills they need BEFORE entering the older classes.

  • Learn to share
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Develop a sense of independence
  • Learn to take turns
  • Stimulate curiosity
  • Develop speech & language
  • Promote physical strength
  • Promote coordination and stamina
  • Develop a love of learning
  • Build fundamental motor skills
  • Following directions
  • Encourage socialisation
  • Problem solving
  • Demonstrate responsibility
  • Show self-control
  • Learn to act respectfully

Please find below the list of units covered in our Life Skills and Safety Skills.

Safety Skills

  • Fire safety
  • First aid
  • Health
  • Holiday safety
  • Home safety
  • Stranger awareness
  • Traffic safety
  • Weather
  • Bully buster

Life Skills

  • Balance
  • Co-operation
  • Co-ordination
  • Discipline
  • Exercise
  • Listening
  • Memory
  • Respect
  • Nutrition
The Little Dragons curriculum is based on a 30 minute teaching schedule kept simple, dynamic and engaging to warm them up properly and teach them new techniques in a straight forward and fun way.
Assessments and life or safety skills are covered towards the end of the session and take home sheets are offered.
The children are often reminded about the etiquette of the dojang which is, get stickers then sit down quietly and wait for the register. I have instructed my assistants to watch and assess the behaviour of the children and step in only when necessary. This is a major part in them learning the tenets of Taekwon-Do
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

It would be great if the parents could follow this up by reminding their children how to act in the dojang as well.